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This extraordinary photograph of the 'world's tallest building', the Burj Khalifa (2010), in Dubai, was taken by Björn Lauen, in 2012. See:

Ordinary Architects:
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Adrian Smith).
Now, take a close look at this 'epic' ink-wash drawing !
This is a sketch/design I made in 1990 (see Sketchbook #13-25).
'Prophetic!', said SKBB of Farnborough.
'Astounding similarities to the crap design on the right', exclaimed one blind builder.

Master Architect: Len Breen.
Now, if you are not yet convinced of my brilliance, take a very close look at this amazing likeness to my masterpiece.
This is the Taipei_101 building completed in 2004, remaining the world's tallest, and "post-modern" to boot, until surpassed by the Burj Kahlifa in 2009.
'Wow!', said SKBB of Farnborough.
'Is there no end to your genius, Len?', exclaimed the same blind builder, quoted earlier.

"Post-modern" Architect: C Y Lee & Partners.


Architect, Project Leader, Design & Project Development, etc. for:
Leonard Breen Design, London.
Brunel University, Computer Laboratories, Englefield Green.
Middlesex University, Computer Laboratories, Enfield.
Private Housing, Hampshire.
Recycling Facility, Hampshire.
ACAVA, Artists Studios, Shepherds Bush.

Hammett, Norton and Drew, Architects and Planners, London.
Middlesex Guildhall Refurbishments, London.

Rock Townsend, Architects / Martec International, London.
Bounds Green Campus, Middlesex University, Enfield, London.

BB+ST, Architects and Planners, London.
Urban Redevelopment, Bangladesh.

Ameron Process Systems Ltd.
Accommodation Units, Petroleum Production Platforms.

Kyle Stewart Constructions
Post Office, Nine Elms, London.

Sir Richard Sheppard, Robson & Partners, London.
Rehabilitation Facility (Prison), Libya.
Shopping Centres, London.

Bates, Smart and McCutcheon, Architects and Planners, Melbourne.
Tuggeranon Government Buildings, Canberra.
Prahran Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

Meldrum & Partners, Architects, Melbourne, Australia.
National Banks of Australia.

Leonard Breen & Associates, Melbourne, Australia.
Multi-Diagnostic Sheltered Workshop, Heidelberg, Australia.
High Court of Australia Competition, Canberra, Australia.
Private Housing, Sunbury, Victoria.

Mitchell & Renau Architects, London.
Milton Keynes Housing / Planning.

Robin Moore-Ede & Associates (Crowley Moore-Ede), London.
Private Housing, London.
Factory and Office Complex, Lagos, Nigeria.

Rader and Mileto / Interplan, Architects, Rome, Italy.
Hyatt Hotel and Tourist Complex, Caspian Sea, Iran.
Iranian Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan. (?)
Tourist Complex, Dakar, Senegal.
Shah of Iran's Winter Palace, Kish Island, Iran.

Building Design Partnership, Architects and Planners, London.
UN Conference Centre Competition, Vienna, Austria.
Belle Vale Shopping Complex, Liverpool.
Leicester Central Area Development, Leicester.

Justin Samerasakera Associates, Architects, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Olympic Swimming Pool and Facilities, Kandy.
Industrial Estate, Jaffna.
Cinema Complex, Colombo.

Leonard Breen & Associates, Melbourne, Australia.
Private Housing.
Office Refurbishments (Pitts & Tallarida).

Victorian Government Railways, Architects' Dept, Melbourne, Australia.
Workers' Amenities Building, Melbourne.
Network Railway Station Refurbishments.

W.P. Brown & Partners, Civil and Structural Engineers, Melbourne, Australia.
Tullamarine Airport, Structural Engineering Development.