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At a very early age I discovered drawing. And it is drawing which has continued to be at the forefront of my life and work.

At university I started in engineering where, amoung the formal subjects, I studied technical drawing. However, I soon switched to architecture when I discovered its broad richness and that drawing was central to its creative vitality.

The architecture course was both a wonderful experience, and was, without question, as Saul Steinberg once observed, "...a marvellous training for everything else...". It certainly was my passport for travelling the globe and discovering and engaging in the world.

I moved to London and after some interesting adventures in architecture and archaeology, I undertook post-graduate studies in fine art, printmaking and photography.

The times and the turmoil of central London, led me to discover the political context of it all and I was able to put my abilities to work. I met many committed artists working with political organizations, international art groups and personalities on projects addressing humanitarian issues.

While working from my London studio, I also studied economics, computing and computer graphics which ultimately opened a pathway to teaching in art and design.

The amazing opportunities that teaching provided was coupled with further new learning experiences for me. As a teacher in higher education, I was fortunate to be able to do research, learn, think and experiment with and about art, design, drawing and visual communication.

Computer graphics was a big part of this - there, was the fantastic world where the computer code you wrote would amazingly transform into awesome images - drawing by magic.

Poly-media computing followed and I was able to incorporate this into my production and set up a media studio and art publishing facility. I was able to develop an integration of conventional drawing techniques with computer and multi-media output. The www was certainly a perfect vehicle for my output.

Throughout this history I have drawn in all media and for a wide variety of technical contexts. I have a large collection of fat sketchbooks and bulging plan chests of my drawings, paintings and graphic art - a rich archaeology. Pen and ink on paper remain a vital starting point.

My tough early life (violins noted) provided me with a certain 'way of seeing', one where the conventions of authority and conformity can be questioned, interpreted and represented through my drawing and graphic art.

From a deeply personal perspective, drawing, my art, has been the place where I have been able to take refuge and reason my way through the chaos of experience.

The biography following is something of a weird convolution in many ways.

Me, Len.