This is a gallery (of most) of the seasonal / topical greetings cards that I have sent out, sometimes on behalf of the family, at the end of each year from 1996.

Len [ aka LeBurr.com ]


'2024' Season's Greetings. [posted DEC2023]

'Seeking Identity'.

Curated by SKBB.

Considered 'colourful'.

A statement about [my] identity.

Source: Page 3 from the recent Sketchbook [ metamorphising into a...] Journal.

'2023' Season's Greetings. [posted DEC2022]

'And on the Seventh Day He Rested...'.

Notes: It's a generational thing, or so it appears. There is a reference to 'The Bible'. Genesis 2:2:

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made."

Feedback: 'Now I am but a humble atheist and don't enjoy having to go near these dodgy texts, but surely on the seventh day he should have instead spent some time considering the future and have seen what a complete mess he made of it all - he simply buggered it all up!'. Mary Le Burr, The Sports Guardian, 25.11.2022. Page 3, Col 7.

Feedback: 'Artists of course, know better!'. Emen Murphy, Bermondsey, London.

'2022' Season's Greetings. [posted DEC2021]

'A Comfortable Place from where to Consider the Future'.

Notes: The 'three birds' are one of my motifs. They represent three albatrosses. Flying south (or north, east or west) together. Usually solitary creatures, albatrosses. They represent the environment, contradictions, etc. Another of 'my symbols' the sun, as always, a symbol of thoughtful optimism, wise as s philosopher.

Feedback: 'Great - I see it as a place of contemplation. Beautiful !' Ruth.

'2021' Season's Greetings. [DEC2020]

'2020' Season's Greetings. [DEC2019 - 1]

'Saving the Bits'.

This refers to the 2019 General Election in the UK where the Labour Party lost as a result of a right-wing coup. Urging socialist Labour supporters to re-unite - consolidate.

[UK-EU only.]

'2020' Season's Greetings. [DEC2019-2]

'My Planet is Dying / Crying'.

'2020' Season's Greetings. Additional Cards [DEC2019 - 3 & 4]

'Will God Forgive Satan?' & 'Boris is Such a Laugh'.

'2019' Season's Greetings. [DEC2018]

'Water ?!'.

'2018' Season's Greetings. [DEC2017 - 1]

'What You Fracking Get!'.

'2018' Season's Greetings. [DEC2017 - 2]

'The Hand Puppets of Paul Klee'

Cabinet Ministers at the '10 Downing Street Pantomime'

'2018' Season's Greetings. [DEC2017 - 3]

'In - Out - Too Hard'

Apologies to Bruce Petty.

'2017' Season's Greetings. [DEC2016]

'Happy New Year From the Police State'.

'2016' Season's Greetings. [DEC2015 - 1]

'Happy New Year From the Police State'.

'2016' Season's Greetings. [DEC2015 - 2]

'Drink Responsibly! Don't Spill Any!'.

'2015' Season's Greetings. [NOV2015]

"Thank you GOD for this suffering which has ennobled me."

Text after: John Glashan. Image sampled from: David & Peter Turnley

'2015' Season's Greetings. [DEC2014]

'The Refugee | The Asylum Seeker'

'2014' Season's Greetings. [JAN2014]

'Global Warming'

'2014' Season's Greetings. [DEC2013]

'Fairy Lights: STOP & GO & CAUTION'

'Traffic Lights in Italy: in Milano, they are instructions; in Roma, they are recommendations; and in Napoli, they are 'fairy lights'' (Stephano Framano).

'2013' Season's Greetings. [JAN2013]

"Well, I was off to buy some liquor for the Xmas Party, and I had just about got to the end of the Pedestrian Crossing, when, 'WHAM !!!'. I was hit by a team of reindeer pulling a rubbish loaded sledge driven by this fat geezer in a red pantomime outfit. Didn't stop. Left me splattered across the pavement. Merry Xmas to you too mate! With bells on!"

'2013' Season's Greetings. [DEC2013]

'A Table Upon Tables, Upon Tables Upon a Table Upon a Tablee'

'2012' Season's Greetings. [DEC2012]

'The Tallest Post-Modern Building in the World'

For a seriously great story in the epic history of my career as an architect, you just must look at: My Epic Works. And there I was thinking that I was rubbish!

'2009' Season's Greetings. [DEC2008]

'Santa on the Way to Work'. [Eight (8) variations]

'2008' Season's Greetings. [DEC2008]

'Global Warning - Floods and Fires'.

'2006' Season's Greetings. [DEC2006]

'Seasoning's Greetings'

'2000' Season's Greetings. [DEC1999]

'Shelf Life 2000'

'1999' Season's Greetings. [DEC1999]

'Seasonal Tack'

'1998' Season's Greetings. [DEC1998]

'Shelf Life'.

'1997' Season's Greetings. [DEC1997]

'Breen's at the Gatehouse'

'1997' Change of Address. [MAR1997]

'Breen's Moving to the Gatehouse'

We all moved into the Gatehouse on the Englefield Green Campus of Brunel University on March 1 1997. We were there until March 2006. Not withstanding some racist/fascist students violence against me/us, and that of the administration, it was a great experience.

This drawing is one from my 'Black Ink' portfolio (1973 to 2006). This portfolio comprises well over 250 drawings in fine hatched black ink line.

For me these drawings allowed me to 'take the idea for a walk', in that all or any related, parallel or related motifs, on the choose subject, can get be included, trapped or considered within the composition - even the surreal or very obscure.

'1996' Season's Greetings. [MAY1996]

'Future Considerations'

This image includes the table and chair that I made for Kesar (around 1992 when he was three - I think!?) and the television set which was the subject of 'the great yarn about the filing cabinet' - To read all about it GO TO The Tale of Kesar and the Filing Cabinet. [NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FEB 2022]