LOST COMRADES - dedicated to some people that I have lost - who remain dear to me. [Edited: 18.04.2016]


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JUAN MUÑOZ (1952-2001)

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'BIG-LEN' (1909-1942)

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NOELA HILLS (1954-1987)

Noela Hills was a colleague and friend of mine from the post-graduate printmaking course at the Central School of Art and Design, London.

She was a stylish illustrator and fine printmaker. During those days she took much delight in taking the piss out of me for being a fellow Australian. We all had a great 'larf !

She married an Aussie architect, Bob Riddell, and they went home to Brisbane. We lost touch but she did become a very successful book illustrator. They had a daughter, Nina.

But so, so sadly, I have only just discovered, Noela died in 1987 of breast cancer, at a totally unfair age of thirty-three.

A long time ago but I still feel a great loss. Two of her illustrations referenced left, in memory.

See works by Noela in my BBB Collection:


The Guardian 23.02.2013
BOB GODFREY (1921-2013)

Bob Godfrey was an Aussie, although he left there when he was a kid.

I met him at Kingston Polytechnic, where he was an 'illustrious' guest lecturer. He invited me to play on his cricket team, which I did several times, and that was great fun indeed as he and his mates had great humour and irreverence for everything.

He enjoyed the fact that he had an 'Aussie Fast Bowler' on his team (bit of a fantasy!).

Visited his very messy studio a couple of times, but can't remember seeing his Academy Award (1975) for which he was very famous.

I remember him as clever and witty and who enjoyed the Aussie connections. A remembered drinking mate, nice bloke, funny man.