JUAN MUÑOZ (1952-2001)

Juan Muñoz who died at the end of August 2001 was a friend and colleague. We met at the Central School of Art and Design in the late 70's and worked together through the early 80's. We partied somewhat in those days but more significantly collaborated on some of the important political poster productions of the times.

This work included the design and production for Latin American Solidarity, Chilean Solidarity and various issues focusing on the Chilean struggles around Salvadore Allende. With David Dahlson we also created all the visual propaganda for the Central School Occupations - part of the protests by art colleges against fee increases for foreign students.

Juan was a gregarious person, always good fun to be with, but he had a great sense of purpose in his art and an infectious intellectual spirit. He went on to make a significant impact.

See: news.bbc.co.uk and the Juan Muñoz Estate

Below is a collection of posters that were designed and produced by myself and Juan during the period in London. Several other artists have claimed, or can claim, co-authorship of several of the works. Several other of the works toward the bottom of the collection are by Juan himself, although encouraged by me to produce them for certain causes. For further detail and information about the individual works, please click and select the image which should be enlarged with detail in a new window.