Pauline Norman (formerly Pauline Clarke) was a dear and treasured friend.

She became a 'mature' student at Wimbledon School of Art when I was a part-time lecturer there in around 1980. She already had a family but was now looking to raise her profile through an art and design career. She arrived with an already impressive fat portfolio and continued to work with great energy, passion, and enthusiasm on the course.

We got on well initially because of my 'anachistic and political' approach to what the subject was ultimately about, and that affirmed her own political spirit. She was a feminist and supporter of dispossessed people, particularly the Native Americans, and produced posters graphics and drawings expressing her views.

A great opportunity for her came with my 'Collage Project', where she produced a blazing array of feminist political cartoons and parodies of pornography. See some very funny, lively examples in the links below.

She built a further massive portfolio which sent her to study graphic design at Central St Martins, School of Art (now part of the University of the Arts) where she had great success as a designer and as a significant contributor to the Department and community. She went on to a very successful career in book and magazine design.

She eventually moved to Cornwall setting up her studio, working with the environment, enjoying fixing her vintage cars, engaging in naturalism, travelling and, of course, being passionalte about politics.

She was always there for me when I needed a friend and was a thoughtful, helpful critic/supporter for my own work. Always providing rational, reasonable, logical and supportive perspectives.

(Some very funny anecdotes to be included here : 'the weed in the teapot'; 'the skype insident'; etc.)

I would have liked to have been more there for her, as her mental health suffered severely in recent years.

Miss her deeply.

On the Beach at Cornwall

At URALU in Australia