TONY PRITCHETT (1938-2017)

Tony Pritcett was a friend and colleague who I first met when I was running the London SIGGRAPH, Computer Graphics Forum in London in the 1980's.

As all who knew him, he was a gentle softly-spoken person with such wonderful hidden talents and knowledge.

He was the creator of the UK's first computer animation,'The Flexipede'. Of great historical significance in the field of computer graphics, he was the person who created the code, in BASIC, for the realisation of Lambie-Nairn's great design, the animation of the Channel 4 logo.

He did this while working with System Simulation, in London, whose co-director, John Landsdown, falsely claimed full credit.

While computer processing power in the UK was very limited, Tony took the code to Bo Gehring Associates, in Los Angeles, where a super computer did the necessary animation rendering.

While I was Head of CASCAAD at Middlesex University, I invited Tony to give a seminar to my post-graduate students. In this, he proudly and impressively revealed the original code listing, in the BASIC programming language, of the Channel 4 logo animation. (I actually handled the 'sacred' document!)

Tony regularly attended my ACAVA Open Studio events distributing at the same time, much valuable literature on esoteric matters to the visitors.

A good friend indeed. Thoroughly under-rated for his contribution to the History of Digital Media, at this time.

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The Martin Lambie-Nairn CH4 logo design, coded by Tony Pritchett.