This is a selection of 'web' animations - simple 'gif' and 'javascript' coded - mainly from the archive, but retouched.

They were originally created to support the publication 'The Art of WWW Coding', a tutorial for an introduction to computer graphics at several London universities.

Recently they were resurrected for a tutorial for students in the Art Department at Yateley School, a major arts specialist secondary school in Hampshire, UK.
image The Artist: Lecture on Graffiti (2014)

image The Gates of the Madhouse (2014)

image Watchit!! (2001)

image LARP / Pophideous (2004)

image Yateley School Kid (2011)

image Logo for Circus Maximus (2014)

image Contemplating an Invitation (2015)

image The Dance of the Mushroom (1998 & 2015)

image The Chorus Line of the Mushroom's Dance (1998 & 2015)