This is the second part of a multi-media study.

The sampling and exploration from a combined video and sound perspective, with the main focus on video patterns, has been ongoing for a number of years.

This project has just started and is exploring soundscapes related to transport, movement and pattern and considers sound independent from the video. It is all a large experiment and continues.

Here a few samples of recent recordings (unedited) from New York - 'The Subway', and from Paris - 'The Metro' and 'The Left Bank'.

All the soundscapes in this folder are set to be PRE-LOADED. But even then you may need wait until the [loading] caption clears before [playing] the item.

Technical information: The soundscapes are UN-EDITED at this release. More to follow.

© Len Breen 2017



1 - PARIS METRO: This is a recording walking to Line [9] at Alma Narceau and alighting at Trocadéro. Notes: Buskers, Metro sounds, exit woman walking.

'The Paris Metro: Line [9]'. LS110031.mp3 62.5MB @ 44K, Duration: 05:54. February 2017.

2 - PARIS METRO: Walking to the platform, Metro sounds, singer.

'The Paris Metro: to La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle'. LS110030.mp3 79.3MB @ 44K, Duration: 07:29. February 2017.

3 - PARIS METRO: The journey on Line [10] to Cluny-La Sorbonne, late at night, uncrowded, person coughing.

'The Paris Metro: to Cluny-La Sorbonne'. LS110029.mp3 63.1MB @ 44K, Duration: 05:58. February 2017.


This is a collection of sounds largely from journeys around Lower Manhattan, New York. Street performers, subway, walking to the interchange, conversations.

1 - Lower Manhattan, New York.

'Lower Manhattan'. LS110014.mp3 280.2MB @ 44K, Duration: 26:28. June 2016.

2 - Queens, New York. The journey on the subway, overground, between Jackson Heignts and Hunters Point Avenue.

'Queens'. LS110007.mp3 160.8MB @ 44K, Duration: 15:12. June 2016.

3 - Harlem, New York. Street and traffic sounds, bird singing, kids screaming and running, police cars.

'Harlem'. LS110010.mp3 63.5MB @ 44K, Duration: 06:00. June 2016.

4 - Queens into Manhattan, New York. The journey on the subway between Hunters Point Avenue, under the Hudson River to Grand Central Station.

'New York Subway'. LS110009.mp3 204.3MB @ 44K, Duration: 19:18. June 2016.

5 - Fifth Avenue, New York. The walk north along Fifth Avenue towards the MoMA. Sounds of Fire Brigade Engines, people conversations, traffic.

'Fifth Avenue'. LS110019.mp3 155.8MB @ 44K, Duration: 14:43. June 2016.


This is a collection of sounds from the Farnborough Air Show held in July 2016. The recording was made of planes, military, commercial, as well as his historical, flying low over the back garden studio.

1 - Farnborough Air Show 2016, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM. Added dimension: bird song, mum's garden chimes, neighbour chopping wood, cars on the A311.

'Farnborough Air Show - I'. LS110023.mp3 92.2MB @ 44K, Duration: 08:45. July 2016.

2 - Farnborough, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM. Notes: Sounds of military 'fighter' aircraft - the arms industry!

'Farnborough Air Show - II'. LS110024.mp3 26.3MB @ 44K, Duration: 02:29. July 2016.