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NERVOUS SQUIRREL / DAVID CRAMNER - www.nervoussquirrel.com

And don't miss:

THE MAD MUSEUM - www.themadmuseum.co.uk

'Nutty' Artist / Engineer. An exceptional creative artist so have a look at his site and be amazed and enjoy. Former student of mine who produced some fabulous work too for my assignments/projects. (A reminder of the great Tim Hunkin. See: http://www.timhunkin.com/).

SOUND BUM - www.soundbum.org

Recently found rare gem on sonics, sonicscapes, soundscapes, etc. Sadly, the site was last developed in 2005 and is completely in Japanese. It is somewhat difficult to access the full site, but it presents (several hundred) one to two minute recordings of local, street, music, etc, from nearly every part of the world. Wonderful. Needs to be resurrected. Worth the effort.

For some my 'complimentary' sonic studies, see: LEN'S SONICSCAPES

DION HITCHINGS - www.dionhitchings.com

Outsider Artist. "I was born in St Louis, Missouri in 1958. My mother found out that she was pregnant with me two weeks after my father's funeral. I have never considered myself to fit into the 'normal' world. I took up drawing at the age of three and have never put down my crayons.". We have somethings in common I guess.

JACEK YERKA - www.yerkaland.com

Surrealist Artist. Former colleague from earlier days. His work is a wonderful complexity of surreal and magical images, the finest of techniques and challenging compositions.

GARETH HAY - www.flickr.com/photos/28665572@N06/

Grand Tourist, Photographer & Environmentalist. Rudely late for the party last week but his site is still worth a review. An ex-Brunel kid !

SIMON COOLEY - www.simoncooley.com

Artist and Teacher - artist, sculptor and draughts-person. Simon was also part-time lecturer in the Design Department at the Runnymede Campus of Brunel University when it was at its creative peak there. He led the Drawing and Life Studies modules with great flair and commitment. Colleague also from my ACAVA studio days.

BOB KENYON - www.artprop.org

Latitudinarian collector awaiting the revolution and the downfall of Capitalism in his own lunchtime. And his unique roadsign assemblage: 'soon it may be too late to view these treasures in their natural habitats'. A must visit for the cognoscenti and literati.

'Artprop' Gallery is now featuring a fine exhibition of missing signs in 'Empty Noticeboards'. Essential viewing to followers of 'Where Am I Now', and those looking for somewhere to go during the current crisis.

DEAN MOORE - www.deanmoore.com

Cartoonist, humorist and funnyist !
"...then one day I realised people just didn't value my endless, gratuitous, ignorant opinions - so I became a consultant and charged them for it!".

ELVIS-PICASSO - www.elvispicasso.com

An innovative new 'ground-breaking' gallery showing some of the finest contemporary political art and artists.

The Elvis_Picasso Foundation is closed to visitors at present due to the recent loss of the precious marble sculpture of Elvis_Picasso by thieves infected with the Coronus 15 virus.

The www sites including, the Elvis_Picasso Foundation and the Elvis_Picasso Gallery, are all open for viewing.

LEO REYNOLDS PHOTOGRAPHER - www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/

Photographer of just about everything.

A gallery of immense proportions, finely curated and photographed.

LARP - www.myspace.com/pophideous

"LARP exists because there must be a place in the pretty world for pop that rocked and for dumb ass whipsmart tunes."

[The site is down at present - please stand by.]